Who Can Receive Government Grants?

You can get government grants if you have a genuine reason and the knowledge to follow the procedures for funding. This year alone, tens of thousands of federal, state, private, corporate, non-profit and scholarship programs are available for public application.

Find government grants to get a better job, start a brand new career, go to college, or even start your own new business. If you feel like you need to do more with your life and make more money, then do something about it right now! Take a big step in accessing many government grants to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

Do Government Grants have to be paid back?

Government Grant Money Is Not A Loan. When you try to get money from a bank loan, it can be incredibly time consuming and will require a lot of paperwork. When you get denied, it just gets frustrating and makes you feel like you’ve wasted your time. The private foundations and federal government grant agencies that I’m going to show you about don’t have to operate under the requirements that banks do. You are the one who decides how much money you need. When you get approved, the money is yours to keep and will never have to be paid back.

With no credit check, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, it’s almost a crime NOT to apply for government grants. You as a tax payer and a US citizen have the right to government grants.

Why Are Government Grants Available?

Private Foundations are usually formed by wealthy corporations, thrusts and individuals to benefit individuals and small business using free government grant money.

These organizations have to give away 5% of their assets each year in order to maintain tax exempt status. Each foundation targets certain segments of the population with certain needs, and sometimes in specific geographical areas. Some grant money to businesses, others grant money to individuals like you and me to cover the costs of everyday living expenses.

What are the Government Grants?

A government grant is a financial award given by a federal, state, or local government authority for a beneficial project. It is effectively a transfer payment. Twenty-six federal agencies administer more than 1,000 grant programs annually to provide funding for the arts, the sciences, and educational institutions.

4 Types of Grants

There are actually just four main types of grant funding. This publication provides descriptions and examples of competitive, formula, continuation, and pass-through grants to give you a basic understanding of funding structures as you conduct your search for possible sources of support.

Grants FAQ:

Here is the list of most asking questions.

Who can qualify to receive government grants?

There are absolutely no businesses or individuals that are excluded from applying for government grants. Whether it be small business grants, college grants, government grants for women, or any other type of grant, you are qualified to apply. There may be restrictions applying to certain individual programs, but the number of said agencies is very few.

What types of government grants are available?

There are many types of government grants available. Many different ways are used in which businesses and individuals can receive government support. Small businesses can apply for small business grants, individuals planning to attend college can apply for college grants or search for scholarship opportunities, while women can search for and apply for government grants for women, and any individual can apply for any type of government grant available.

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How do I keep up-to-date with the government grants offered?

There’s really no easy way to do this with your own resource and your own efforts. Changes are constantly happening within the government grant system, with programs being revised, programs being added or removed, etc. The best way to stay on top of the constant changes going on is to join our program where you will always stay up-to-date, and will always have access to the best resources for government grants.

Are government grant applications competitive?

Each application competes with other applications, only in the sense that there is a limited amount of money involved that the government hands out. Some programs are more competitive, in that the awarding body will state in advance the 50 best proposals received. These programs are not your average program for government grants, though. With most government grants, anyone has just as good of a chance as anybody else.

How do I receive my free government grant money?

The specified agency will send you an acceptance letter, along with your awarded amount from the US government. The average amount awarded in is anywhere from $500 to $50,000. Some businesses have been known to receive millions for their beneficial purpose to the community, but that does not happen very often.

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